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Saturday, August 15, 2009

BAGS MANIA August 2009

1. Bags Mania Code DD001


2. Bags Mania Code DD002

Available in 2 colors ; Black and Brown
Each Bag is RM59
NOW~30% OFF RM41.30

3. Bags Mania Code DD003

Available in 2 Colors ; White and Brown
Each Bag RM59
NOW~30% OFF RM41.30

4. Bags Mania Code DD004

Available in 2 Colors ; Black and Light Brown
Each Bag is RM55
NOW~30% OFF RM38.50

5. Bags Mania Code DD005

Available only in 1 Color ; White
Each Bag is RM 49
NOW~30% OFF RM34.30

6. Bags Mania Code DD006

Available only in 1 Color ; Black
Each Bag is RM44
NOW~30% OFF RM30.80

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First Collection

Pre-Loved Items

P01 - Angel Roses

Price : RM8

Brand : Tom's Girl

Size : L (Fit M-L)

Color : Light Pink

This light pink top is kinda sexy.It's a lil' bit sheer and show ur curve perfectly

Great for college and hangin' out with friends!

P02 - Radio Active

Price : RM8

Brand : Radio Active

Size : M (Fit S-M)

Color : Grey

A streachable Tee with buttons at front.It's cute for daily use =P!

P04- YellOwish

Price : RM7

Size : L

Color : Light Yellow

A simple sleeveless for a simple you!

P05- ReddiSh

Price : RM10

Size : UK4 - UK10

Color : Red-Black

A sexy number.Worn once only!Red tube is attached to the black sleeveless.Wore once only,this item is still in perfect condition~!

P07- Cutey Pie

Price : RM10

Size : UK4-UK10

Color : Grey

A mini dress with cute frill on the bottom of the dress,make it look like a lil'skirt!this number can be considered as new..worn once only!You can wear it with or without legging!

**Leggings is not included!

N02- Lil' Black Dress

Price : RM16

Size : UK4-UK10

Color : Black

It has smock at the back,and has finest detail on it.There's a cute bow on the left of the dress.Perfect for a partayyyy ladies!

N04- GoLd HoodiE JacKet

Price : RM15

Brand : P&Co

Size : M(Can fit L and small XL)

Color : Gold

Made from shining satin,this jacket is a steal!